Incidin Oxy

The New Hi-speed H2O2 Cleaner and Disinfectant Range
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Incidin® Oxy

New Hi-speed H2O2 from the cleaning and disinfection experts

Hydrogen peroxide is the highly sustainable active ingredient available for disinfecting surfaces. Degrading into water and oxygen after use, it releases no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and leaves no active residues.

The Hi-speed H2O2 technology combines the disinfecting properties of H2O2 with plant-based surfactants and natural stabilizers to enable the very effective cleaning and disinfecting characteristics in the Incidin OxyFoam and OxyWipe Range. We have used this innovative active system as a base to develop a whole range of surface cleaner and disinfectants specifically aimed at overcoming the challenges you face in your healthcare setting. And with you we mean all of you, so not only the ones responsible for infection prevention, but also the daily users, the ones who pay the bills, your colleagues who are responsible for safety and quality and those who are running your facility.