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heavy metal removal

Increasing environmental concerns regarding heavy metal discharge have continued to tighten final effluent regulatory permits. Additionally, unconventional crudes can contain higher levels of heavy metals that end up in the refinery wastewater effluent from the desalting process. Nalco Champion has developed a patented heavy metal removal technology that is effective on a wide range of heavy metals to very low concentrations.

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We offer a comprehensive suite of technologies and products for metals removal highlighted by our proprietary, patented Nalmet polymer-soluble heavy metals control technology. Formed from metal chelating groups attached to a polymer backbone, Nalmet chemistries effectively precipitate heavy metal ions from solution. Nalmet chemistries are lower toxicity than non-polymeric organic heavy metal removing agents and are only available through Nalco Water. 

Patented Se Removal Process
Selenium, a component of all crude oil, is highly soluble in water and therefore notoriously difficult to remove.  Nalco Water has developed a patented polymeric process specific for refinery wastewater using Nalmet technology.  Because the process is designed to treat at the source, total cost of operation is lower than conventional co-precipitation methods.