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A Unique Opportunity in Water Management: Targeting High Margins and Environmental Protection

Enhance water quality and optimize its use as a key resource for refining and petrochemical systems management

LOCATION: Holiday Inn | Leiden, Netherlands

Water is a unique solvent, heat carrier and biological reaction media. These versatile features make it the most widely used global resource in agriculture, farming, manufacturing and municipal use. Its ever-increasing use has led to a critical scarcity and triggered global environmental concern.

The aim to minimize water consumption and increase its quality is both ethical and economical. Ecolab is committed to helping its customers reduce and optimize water use in order to reduce environmental impact.

Nalco Champion technologies and expertise provide a 360-degree water management practice from raw to waste water, which includes boilers, cooling systems, make up and recirculation systems. Build on your water treatment and management knowledge in this upcoming  seminar.

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Who should attend?

Refining and petrochemical industry professionals, wanting a refresher on the fundamentals of water management and chemical treatment, as well as keeping up to date with innovative solutions for problem mitigation.

What we’ll cover

Upon completion of the program, participants will have an enriched understanding of the general challenges associated with water systems, and how to mitigate the key problems in terms of corrosion, fouling, bio-management, discharge compliance and waste management, from a best practices perspective. Above all, this program will provide a unique opportunity for participants to interact with technical experts from Nalco Champion as well as networking with their peers from the refining and petrochemical industry.

How to register

Seminar attendance is limited; hence early registration is recommended. The registration deadline for this seminar is 11 June, 2018 or until the participant limit is reached. Any additional registrations received will be put on a waiting list and considered in the event of a cancellation. Registrations will be confirmed upon receipt of the registration fees.

Registration fee (per attendee) is 500€
Travel expenses (e.g. airfare, limousine transportation to and from the airport), hotel lodging (room and taxes) and all incidental hotel expenses will be borne by the participants.


Nancy Allan
+31 (0)71 524 1315


Key Presenters

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Alessandro Loris

Alessandro Loris graduated in Industrial Chemistry and has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. After spending 8 years in research, he left and became an expert in soil remediation and wastewater treatments. He has 11 years of experience with Nalco Champion in sales and marketing. In the role of Industrial Development Manager and Industrial Technical Consultant he provides technical support and strategy development on wastewater treatments and membranes applications.

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Gaia D'Alessi

Gaia D'Alessi has 16 years of combined experience in designing, commissioning and troubleshooting industrial wastewater plants. She spent the last 10 years focusing on refinery and petrochemical wastewater. After spending 6 years in various sales roles at some major refineries in Italy, she moved to UK and took on the roles as Industrial Technical Consultant and Industry Development Manager for EMEA. Gaia is currently based in London working as Business Development Manager, specialized in water treatments. Gaia holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry from University of Venice, Italy, and has 2 years of Ph.D. in biotechnologies from University of Verona, Italy.

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Jerome Dufour

Jérôme Dufour has 21 years of experience in industrial water treatment. Jérôme spent 13 years in field sales cover applications in petrochemical, refining and steel. As Industry Technical Consultant he supports the field sales forces and customers technically in the application of existing and new technologies. He specializes in cooling water and steam generation applications. Jérôme has a M.Sc. in Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, CPE Lyon, France.

Jim Crossan, Nalco Champion
Jim Crossan

Jim Crossan has 33 years of experience working in Nalco Champion in East Asia and the Middle East regions. He fulfilled a number of roles encompassing sales and technical support for Nalco Saudi and Nalco Gulf before taking up assignments in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Jim’s experience spans across all types of industrial plants including refining, gas processing, petrochemicals and metal industries. He is technically experienced in cooling water, boiler and wastewater treatment. He was involved in many energy services projects in the Middle East including SADAF, SHARQ, PETROKEMYA, IBN SINA, EQUATE, ARAMCO gas plants and Mina Abdullah and Mina Shuaiba refineries in Kuwait.

Jim worked as Water Treatment Consultant for Nalco Saudi from 1981 to 1991, Area Manager for Nalco Gulf from 1991 to 2002 and Key Account Manager for Nalco Saudi from 2002 to 2004. From 2004 to 2012, Jim worked as an independent Water Technical Consultant for Nalco in Kazakhstan and Russia, providing technical services for cooling water, boiler systems, water recovery (Zero-liquid Discharge) technical audits, water analysis expertise, equipment design and training.

He returned to the Middle East to work as Industrial Technical Consultant in 2013, and is presently responsible for providing water-related technical support throughout the region.

Valerie Beucler, Nalco Champion
Valerie Beucler

Valérie Beucler has 20 years of experience with Nalco Champion. She started working in R&D and progressed to take up the role as Industry Technical Consultant focusing on refining and petrochemical industry water technologies. Prior to joining Nalco Champion, Valérie spent 8 years in R&D at ATOCHEM in corrosion inhibitors development. She is currently focusing on cooling water and boiler technology, supporting the Nalco Champion Downstream business in EMEAR as Senior Industry Technical Consultant. Valérie holds a M.Sc. in Material Sciences and Chemistry and has a Ph.D. in Corrosion.