Envirox™ Chlorine Dioxide Systems

The control of microbial fouling (including legionella) in water systems is essential. Envirox is a unique and safe method of producing the powerful sterilizing agent chlorine dioxide (ClO2) using a single, non-hazardous pre-cursor. Envirox provides a new solution to microbial control that meets the success criteria of many applications. Advances in chlorine dioxide systems technology have driven rapid expansion in the number of applications using ClO2 successfully.
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The quality of water is important to us all. Whether we use water for drinking, washing, industrial processes or recreational pursuits we need to be sure that microbial contamination does not make that water unfit for use. Nalco Environmental Hygiene Services has been successfully selling Envirox ClO2 systems for several years, with more than 500 installations throughout Europe and the United States in hospitals, bottled water plants, breweries and manufacturing plants. Envirox uses a patented electrochemical generation process that uses a single precursor (sodium chlorite). Envirox systems have no acid on site, which in Institutional sites is a safety advantage. Envirox units are limited to 5.5#/day of ClO2 output.

Nalco has recently expanded the product line with our Accucide line of chlorine dioxide generators. These units can deliver up to 50#/day of ClO2. Accucide units can be portable or permanently installed and come in 5, 10, 25 and 50# output versions.  Accucide units also use a patented generation process using a consumable catalyst column.

Other Envirox ClO2 applications include:

1. Thermal storage loops, or any closed loop requiring bio control.

Our consultants recommend ClO2 as the best available technology for bio control in large closed loops.

2. Food plant opportunities, including: 

  • Flume water
  • Poultry carcass chiller tanks 
  • CIP applications 
  • Breweries 
  • Pasteurizers 
  • Bottle fillers 
  • Conveyor rinse 
  • Mash coolers (ethanol plants)

3. Manufacturing opportunities 

  • Ammonia (NH3) destruction in process or cooling water 
  • Lubricating oils reservoirs where microbioial control is a problem 
  • Any place where conventional biocides are not working