Foundational Ideas of Disinfection Validation. A Conversation with Cleanroom Technology.

By Matt Cokely, Ecolab Global Technical Consultant

Cleanroom Technology in conversation with Ecolab

Regulatory bodies look for validation to demonstrate suitable measures to reduce types and numbers of microorganisms in a facility. In an interview with Cleanroom Technology, Ecolab Global Technical Consultant, Matt Cokely, discusses best practices for accomplishing this.

Disinfectant efficacy testing is complex and Cokely touches on problems that can be encountered that are hurdles, including incorrect organism preparation or the use of rough material surfaces.

Cokely also covers the potential benefits of multi-site validation and how ‘Matrix’ approach used in conjunction with the Ecolab Validex™ program can remove costly and time-consuming duplication, streamline the validation process, create robust, well thought out validation package.

Listen to the conversation on the Cleanroom Technology Website


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