The New Ecolab Hand Hygiene Solutions For Safe Hands

Epicare 5 AB, Epicare 5 Foam & Eco-Clin Hand – The Hand Hygiene solutions to take hand hygiene to the next level at your workplace

November 30, 2022
Ecolab Hand Hygiene Solutions

Ecolab's Hand Hygiene Solutions, Epicare 5AB, Epicare 5 Foam and Eco-Clin Hand.

Establishing effective hand hygiene procedures and products is one of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and prevent the spread of illness in your operation. Working with a single supplier of cleaning, disinfection and hand hygiene solutions can help ensure your business is protected and your operating costs reduced. 

Ecolab Inc., a global leader in hygiene and infection prevention solutions, has launched new hand hygiene solutions. 

Introducing Epicare 5 AB & Epicare 5 Foam the new two adaptable hand hygiene solutions featuring foam and liquid options with latest skin compatible technology and up-to-date high performing antimicrobial capabilities. The two solutions, carefully developed for frequent use by professionals working in healthcare, foodservice and hospitality, feature formulations with a non-quat active ingredient concept, and are free of fragrance and dye, making them ideal for use in food handling environments.

Epicare 5 AB & Epicare 5 Foam are sensitive and delicate for the hands thanks to their wash formulation with moisturizing effect, making it ideal for frequent use maximizes skin cleansing efficacy, thanks to the products registration (EN 1499, Bactericidal acc. to EN 1276 & EN 13727, Yeasticidal acc. to EN 1650 & EN 13624, EN 14476 enveloped viruses) though maintaining excellent skin compatibility. 

Epicare 5 Foam with its unique user-friendly foam application in combination with the NEXA dispenser solution provides an efficient and sustainable hand hygiene to improve the hygiene standard by preventing outbreaks of diseases and foodborne illness. Not only is Nexa’s airtight packaging easily recycled, but the collapsible bottles also vacate up to 99% of the product reducing product waste.

We also introduce ECO-CLIN HAND our gentle perfumed hand soap carefully formulated with additional floral perfume and a wash formulation with pH 5.5 that maximizes skin cleansing efficacy while maintaining the skin’s natural pH value for increased guest satisfaction in public washrooms.

"Cleaning hands is one of the few weapons against pandemics. We need people to understand and see the benefits of hygiene. With the range of Ecolab products that have proven effective against viruses, people will feel more confident and adopt hygiene behaviours quicker to help protect public health. "

Sam de Boo
EVP & President, Global Markets

Ecolab’s hand hygiene products are used across a range of critical industries, including food manufacturing and services, food retail, hospitality and healthcare and long-term care facilities. 

Epicare 5 ABEpicare 5 FoamYour Business in Safe Hands


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