CleanOp™ Disposable Linen Kits

An industry standard and leader in risk reduction for the O.R., CleanOp™ decreases room turnover time, improves your bottom line and enhances infection control. Disposable supplies, O.R. hardware and staff training are all part of this system, so you can consistently and efficiently turn your operating rooms.

Offers and Benefits

Our Offer Your Benefit
Single Use Added protection to help prevent cross contamination
Ecolab Cover System Can help to reduce time to clean and disinfect between cases
Covers the whole operating table or stretcher Keeps the operating table / stretcher clean, helps reduce mattress replacement costs and offers improved protection against HAIs
Patient transfer sheet Simple and secure patient transfer
Patented Mojave™ Absorption Surface remains soft and improves patient comfort

Proven and Approved

The unique CleanOp™ infection control solution was introduced by Ecolab over 10 years ago. Proven and approved by thousands of users every day, CleanOp™ improves your hospital’s processes through:

  • Improved infection control by optimizing fluid control and protection of the operating room table
  • Improved standard of care for each patient with a consistent high quality solution
  • Faster, easier and streamlined operating room cleaning procedures
  • Improve turnover time of the operating room driving efficiency and patient care
  • Reduced linting
CleanOp Room Turnover Kit

Significant Savings

By introducing CleanOp™ as a routine part of the Operating Theatre procedure, staff will save time cleaning following surgical interventions and improve not only the quality of care to their patients, but also to that of the equipment.

Unique Mojave™ Technology

CleanOp™ is the only infection control system with Mojave™ Super Absorbent Linen giving you the outcomes that you need:

  • Mojave™ brand Absorbent Table Linens can absorb up to 2.4L
  • Absorbent properties can help to make clean up easier between cases
  • Helps to protect the OR mattress