Ecolab DG3

The Ecolab DG3 is a microprocessor-driven dispenser for producing disinfectant and cleaning agent solutions.

  • Hygiene rinse function
  • Delivery quantity adjustable in 0.5 l steps
  • USB interface
  • User-friendly controls
  • Integrated efficiency analysis
  • Highest Level of Dosing Accuracy



Our performance Your advantage
Integrated recording of quantities used and EDP interface, staff code and storage of up to 5,000 single deliveries and 250 malfunction notifications Monitoring of quantities used and efficiency analyses
Concentration range of 0.25-10% as well as 3 freely selectable concentrations and 5 different delivery quantities can be set Very easy usability and safety, as well as flexibility and diverse areas of use
Robust stainless steel housing, solid construction with tried and tested components Long life cycle and economy, as well as minimal maintenance expense
Comprehensive service package, wide national service network operated by our own service team High device availability, short response times, expertise (complies with RKI)


The Ecolab DG3 is a microprocessor-driven dispenser for producing disinfectant and cleaning agent solutions. An extremely high level of dosing accuracy in the setting range of 0.25-10% is ensured by means of easy usability via a pictogram-based display. The digital-linear drive achieves the highest level of dosing accuracy and guarantees high levels of precision. The Ecolab DG3 features integrated recording of the quantities used (water, disinfectant use, deliveries per consumer as individual and overall total) as well as a malfunction notification log for error analysis. The integrated hygiene rinse function ensures hygienic safety even over longer periods of non-use.

A backflow preventer as stipulated in DIN EN 1717 offers complete protection from the backflow of disinfectants into the drinking water system. The Ecolab DG3 has been tested by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin in accordance with the provisions of BAM and RKI for disinfectant dispensers (certification mark: BAM -DDE 27). The safe and robust construction with a stainless steel housing guarantees reliability and long life cycle. The high level of safety is maintained by:

  • Pictogram-based display to show dosing operation and operational malfunction
  • Suction lance with electrodes for reporting empty state
  • Automatic device stop in the event of a power outage, product or water deficiency, or product flow fallout

Technical data

  • Adjustment range: 0.25-10%
  • Dosing tolerance: max. + 5%
  • Minimum delivery: 1 liter, adjustable in 0.5 liter steps from 1-99 liters
  • Product viscosity: < 50="">
  • Product conductance: > 500 μS/cm
  • Water quality: Drinking water quality, water hardness > 3° dH (no DI water, no service water)
  • Water flow pressure: 0-1 Mpa (1 bar) to 0.7 Mpa (7 bar)
  • Backflow preventer: Type DB as per EN 1717
  • Water connection: Conical crimp screw joint 10 mm
  • Electrical supply: AC 230 V
  • Operating voltage: DC 24 V
  • Dimensions: 500 x 425 x 230 mm (W x H x D), height including console, height without swivel outlet, without connections
  • Weight: approx. 14 kg
  • Protection class II
  • Data interface: USB (Excel analysis)

Application areas

  • hospitals
  • nursing facilities
  • kitchen areas
  • food processing industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • doctor’s offices
  • bathrooms
  • As well as for all areas in which liquid cleaning agents or disinfectants are required.

Compatible products

Environmental hygiene agents

  • Incidin Pro
  • Incidin Plus
  • Incidin Rapid
  • Incidin Extra N
  • Incidin perfect

Instrument disinfectants

  • Sekusept PLUS
  • Sekusept Extra N
  • Sekusept forte
  • Sekusept forte S

Scope of supply

  • Swivel suction lance with electrodes for notification of reserve quantity and empty state
  • Stainless steel console (for 6-10 liter Euro-canister, only available in the single-door design)
  • Swivel outlet, 250 mm long
  • Angle valve with fine filter (G½ on NW 10 mm)
  • 1 set of assembly materials
  • Drilling template

For servicing (maintenance as per RKI, etc.), a full service portfolio will be available to you.

Fax: +49 (2173) 59989806


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