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Energy Optimizer Plus

Eop max² Plus Heat Exchanger
The turnkey solution to save energy

The Energy Optimizer Max² Plus is a heat exchanger designed to achieve high heat recovery efficiency, to handle highly contaminated water and to control efficiency and savings due to installed sensors. The Energy Optimizer Max² Plus uses a serie of rotating disks to maximize the heat exchanging surface and to prevent the build up of deposits from the dirty effluent. The fresh and the dirty waters are completely separated by stainless steel surfaces.

Main features
  • Synchronizing of fresh water and waste water (time & volume)
  • Temperature and pressure sensors
  • Pre-assembled kit for fresh water connection to guarantee proper installation
  • Multi-language and simple on-site customization
  • Optional 7" touch screen display with a user friendly graphic
  • End of pipe installation optional

For more information please download the EOP max² PLUS Heat Exchanger Data Sheet

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