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Active Foam for daily teat cleaning before milking

  • Active foam for optimum cleaning
  • Easy to apply, clean and dry



The ActiveFoam formed by OxyFoam™ fully covers the surface of the teat and allows for easy cleaning. OxyFoam has a complex dermatological fraction that softens, invigorates and relaxes the skin of the teats. The large contact surface also provides optimum disinfection of the skin covering the teats.

OxyFoam contains lactic acid, a notified active substance for the disinfection of the skin of teats for veterinary hygiene. This substance contains natural disinfection and hypoallergenic properties.


OxyFoam disinfects the skin on the teats before milking. OxyFoam is part of a program for the prevention of mammary infections. OxyFoam enables the fast and economical implementation of sound practice for the cleaning and disinfection of teats before milking.

Package Size Product Code Palletization
10 kg 2239220 60 units
20 kg 2246400 24 units
62 kg 2334230 6 units
215 kg 2334240 4 units
1025 kg 2334250 N/A


Not all packages are available in all countries. Please check with your local Ecolab sales representative to confirm availability.

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