Skinman™ Foam

Innovative, Skin Friendly and Effective Hand Disinfection

Fully virucidal alcohol hand disinfectant dispensed as a rich, non-dripping foam.

Product Details

Soft on skin

Skinman Foam’s unique formulation combines five skin friendly ingredients, keeping hands soft and healthy, whilst protected against HCAIs.

Hard on pathogens

With highly effective active ingredients, Skinman Foam is fully virucidal and has excellent microbiocidal efficacy according to the latest EN test standards.

Modern economical application

Skinman Foam dispenses into the hand as a rich foam without dripping. The unique non-sticky formulation spreads easily onto the hands and dries quickly.

Apply solution to dry hands. Rub thoroughly into the hands, ensuring all areas are covered for the entire contact time.

Rub SkinmanTM Foam undiluted onto dry hands.
Keep hands wet during the entire contact time.
Hygienic Hand Rub According to EN 1500: 2013 / VAH 30 sec
EURO standards (high load)
Norovirus (MNV) & Limited virucidal PLUS & Adenovirus According to EN 14476: 2015 30 sec.
Virucidal Efficacy According to EN 14476: 2015 90 sec.
Bactericidal Efficacy According to EN 13727: 2015 15 sec.
Yeasticidal Efficacy According to EN 13624: 2013 15 sec.


Active ingredient per 100g: 73.6g Ethanol


Product should be stored in the original container below 25°C in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

For professional use only.


BIOZID N-74553

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