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Major Changes Driving Significant Market Growth

Led by continued increases in user penetration rates and the rapid expansion of gender-neutral and men’s markets, industry analysts forecast an 5.9% annual growth rate for the global personal care product market over the coming years, leading to a global market value of more than $716 billion by 2025.1

But for businesses that manufacture personal care products, two sets of accelerating changes are converging to create a gateway — or a barrier, depending on how they’re handled — to capturing this significant growth:

  • Rising Consumer Demands
  • Increasing Regulations

1 www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/beauty-personal-care-products-market

Rising Customer Demands: 3 Important Trends

Ecolab Life Sciences Personal Care and Cosmetics
Natural and Organic
Ecolab Life Sciences Personal Care and Cosmetics
Halal Beauty
Ecolab Life Sciences Personal Care and Cosmetics

Increasing Regulations: Three Key Regulatory Shifts

Ecolab Life Sciences Personal Care and Cosmetics
Giving the FDA recall Authority
Ecolab Life Sciences Personal Care and Cosmetics
Achieving Compliance with GMPS
Ecolab Life Sciences Personal Care and Cosmetics
Redefining Ingredient Safety Standards
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In this short ebook, we will explore:
  1. Three major consumer demand-driven trends and three key regulatory shifts.
  2. The new and unique contamination-prevention challenges presented by each of these changes.
  3. How forward-thinking manufacturing operations are rising to these challenges by making smart changes to their cleaning and sanitization programs — providing the operational agility to meet evolving customer demand and capture significant growth. 

Ensure Your Facility is Up to the Regulatory Challenge.

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