Are reusable wares really an added value?

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The new packaging law has shown that companies have to overcome some hurdles in terms of hygiene, logistics and costs when implementing it. Is reusable packaging really worth it? When does reusable material generate real added value in terms of sustainability? In this webinar, in collaboration between Ecolab and TOMRA Reuse, we take a closer look at these questions and look into the future of reusable wares systems.

This webinar is available in German language only.

Reusable Wares (coffee cups)

Learn More About The Hygiene of Reusable Wares

As governments, businesses and consumers are becoming more and more conscious about planet health, there is a constant want and need for implementing more sustainable practices. One example of this is the EU Directive on single-use- plastics (SUP), where individual EU member states are changing their packaging laws and regulations, leading to foodservice operators needing to offer reusable wares as an alternative to single-use wares. With the implementation of new regulations, correct cleaning and disinfection are critical factors for ensuring food safety and maintaining the lifespan of the reusable food and beverage containers. 

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